Sikkim Monastery

Apps used: Lightroom CC, Silber Efex Pro, Pencil Sketch, Mextures, Grungetastic HD, Filterstorm, Image Blender, Repix

Camera: Fuji X-Pro 2

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“Don’t try to be hip or cool. Being open and honest about what you like is the best way to connect with people who like those things, too.” 
― Austin Kleon
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Monochrome Architecture

Location: Munich, Germany

Camera: iPhone 5s

Apps: Snapseed
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Spring Festival Munich

Camera: Fuji X Pro2

Apps: Lightroom, Filterstorm, Repix, Sketch Guru, Grungetastic HD, Glaze
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Streets of Calcutta

Camera: Fuji x-t1
Apps: Lightroom, Filterstorm, iColorama, Repix, ImageBlender, Vintage HD, Grunge HD, PhotoToaster, PhotoWizard, Deco Sketch

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